TEXT TOPIC: It's Monday!!! Tell us something GOOD.

I'm 29 weeks pregnant this week and we're so excited!! Thanks RCC!!

My 7 week old slept through the night! I feel amazing this morning. No zombie mom

boss is out of town all week. #notanicewoman

Wednesday evening I am heading to Mexico with my mom and sister for a girls trip!

bio-mom called last night asked me to be maid-of-honor. She finally sounds happy!

I was named employee of the month out of a couple hundred people. Get a nice parking spot close to the building

at 35 my lifelong dream of being a mom is finally happening naturally & it's twins!! Total surprise

last week I texted about running my first race in Moab I ran the whole 5 miles it was awesome! Good luck with RAGNAR Frankie!

My thyroid biopsy came back benign!! And I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight!! Woooot :D

I get to file for divorce today! Way excited to see what the future brings for me after this train wreck of a marriage. Bring on the chicks!

got a good chunk of back child support that hasn't been paid in over 4 years

Took me 5 years but I finally bought myself a house!!

my beautiful wife is 24 weeks along today with our baby girl. This week is also our target ultrasound very excited.

ivf success 28 weeks pregnant last trimester

me, my husband and my five month old baby are going to Seattle for our four year anniversary

had our 17 year anniversary over the weekend

33 weeks pregnant today. Thank god im almost done

did my first bike into work! Was tiring but good :)

we bought our first house!!! We're so excited!

Felt my first grand baby move this weekend for the first time!

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