TEXT TOPIC: Who aren't you talking to?

Not speaking to my sister. She had a midlife crisis and I was the only family member left helping her and she managed to alienate me too. It's killing me.

My dads mom and his sister think it's more important to have a relationship with my ex wife (the beast) then my current wife!! Needless to say we don’t talk

Sister-in-law is toxic. Ain't nobody got time for that! No talking for more than a year.

my mother, she's going on her ninth divorce and I can't take it anymore. So I haven't been speaking to her for over six months.

husband didn't talk to me for 6 months when he found out I was pregnant with our fifth child

friend w/ marital issues calls at night, begs me 2 talk 2 her husband. During the day accuses me of being inappropriate Finally blocked her It's been a year

my husband isn't talking to me right because as he says "I cant cook like his mom does"

not talking to my mom right now after she asked me what I was going to do about the weight that I have recently gained. B-word for sure!

haven't talked to my sisters (2) in two years. I told one that I didn't agree w her relationship and the other got mad. Now I don't talk to either

silent tx is the worst! Hubs and I used to go WEEKS without talking. Then we grew up.

My father charge me three times the amount on contracting work than what he bid he's out of the circle

mother in law because she is psycho. I don't care to see her either. Bye!!

cut ties from a girl at work. Most toxic person I've ever met. Gtfo

best friend of 20+ years supposed to be maid of honor at my wedding and she didn't show up. At all. No call, no text, no apology, nothing. Haven't spoken to her

10 yrs. my mom. She wanted the money back she gave me for a Vegas wedding. The NIGHT we got home!

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