TEXT TOPIC: When is the last time someone flipped you off or you flipped someone off?

got flipped off by old lady. She wouldn't make room for me to change lanes. 2 B fair I flipped her off first.

flipped off some kid for j-walking. His face was priceless!

was recently cut off in WVC and the lady flipped me off as if it was my fault. When I caught up to her at a light realized it was my bishops wife

Had an employee flip me off. I'm the boss, so fired her sorry A**.

Oh be careful girl! I was chased by a guy in a truck that I had flipped off. Last time I ever did it lol

in elementary someone flipped off the bus I was on, I yelled "up yours" out the window and got kicked off the bus

aunt was flipper off-er. taught her nieces and nephews to flip

so not surprised, laughing so hard Kylie absolutely seems like

I just flipped a co-worker off......just cause

drive a big truck got flipped of by two dudes in a van,caught them at light n boo ya!!

got cut off so I flip the guy off he flipped me off and made his fingers into a gun like you was going to shoot me

I was also chased by a truck. I flipped him off cause he cut me off

flipped off my boyfriend this morning for turning on the lights to wake me up. He laughed and said "I saw that".

My mom flipped me off this weekend for telling my little brothers they don't HAVE to play an instrument to be happy. She disagrees.

I'm a local truck driver and I get told I'm number 1 almost everyday

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