Bought A New Car Since 1998? You Could Get Money Back!

Pretty sure a lot of you have done this in the past several years. Have you bought a new car or maybe a new part installed on your car in the last 20 years? Well today could be your lucky day! You could be getting some money back from your purchase!

Your probably thinking right now YES, I have purchased one of those things you just mentioned. Or, you’re wondering why would I be getting money back? The reason why  is because some of the major manufactures of new parts got together and jacked the prices up more than what they should cost.

Although they have said they never jacked the prices up. Well now there’s a settlement that includes new cars purchased or leased from 1996 to 2016. That settlement also includes people who bought new car parts as well.

Now here’s the catch, you have until March 16th to file and depending on how many people file and make the list depends on how much money people will get!


Click here to see if you qualify.

Source: News Channel 5

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