TEXT TOPIC: What does your co-worker do at work that they shouldn't?

used to have a coworker who would change out the gauges in their ears. Gag. #stinkyANDcrusty

Coworker picks his boogers and flicks them at the wall in the bathroom. Confronted him and blames someone else!

My coworker did her taxes a couple weeks ago instead of doing her job

co worker watches tv and looks up recipes at the desk all day.

coworker works her second job while at our office- she double dips, boss doesn't know

have a coworker that leaves poop marks in our private bathroom. Every freaking day! No one wants to pee on your residual poo

worked with a guy who was obsessed with flossing his teeth. He would pull out the longest piece of floss and meticulously floss at work.

a girl at work is ALWAYS on her phone, all day. Never doing work. It's so noticeable that me and 1 other are counting we're at #13

have a mother and daughter in law always fighting and throwing things

men have "me time" in the bathroom. They leave their juice all over the walls. This is an office too.

swear someone in my office is doing some "personal" grooming down under! Leftover jungle bush on the seat. Ewww

She's the ultimate. Clips toenails, heats up fish before lunch then eats at her desk, talks to her sister for an hour everyday

 Co-worker vapes in the bathroom instead of going outside cuz they're too lazy!

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