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I was able to refinance both cars lowering my payments by 160 a month

well I woke up today

planning to movie to Oregon spring next year decided last night. YAS!

I never thought I could run and couldn't run a mile in November, on Saturday I'm running a 5 MILE race in Moab!

got a new puppy! Who's sleeping on my lap right now as i get ready

17 weeks pregnant. I have 2 girls and just found out we're having a baby boy. We're so excited!!!!

wife got clearance to be able to start her next surro journey.

the house we've been building for 6 months is scheduled to be finished 4.27.17

won $2000 for my schools PE program

got the shift at work that I wanted. I won't get more sleep but it'll work better for my family/kids

I was able to pay off half my debt with my tax return! Such a relief!

zoo I'm a teacher. Only 25 more days until spring break and HAWAII!!!

my stubborn 13 month old is finally walkin

just found out I'm pregnant after a miscarriage and trying for over a year :)

My Grandson killed it at baseball tryouts

Today is my daughter's 12 week appointment for her pregnancy. Ending the 1st trimester and I can finally tell someone. So excited to be a grandma.

my babies 6th bday! He's the cutest!

Going to Singapore! First time out of the Country!

texted last week about the interview, and I got the paid internship at the U!

my husband and I are adopting a dog that we get to pick up tomorrow

I got engaged on Saturday and I have the video. I proposed at the aquarium

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