TEXT TOPIC: Who did you kick out of your house and why?

I kicked my family out on thanksgiving. They were arguing, it got heated, I told them all to leave. One of them hit me with a brick on the way out.

mom's ex, drunk & loud, woke up 1mo.old nephew, sis told him 2 leave, he called her a fat bitch, she grabbed souvenir bat & beat him til he left

my sister in law brought her friend over. She kept saying any curse word from the f word all the way to the c word. I finally had enough and kicked her out

Asked my uncle to leave because he caused a fist fight in the house after my grandmothers funeral. Not appropriate

I asked my ex's brother to leave at 2 a.m. cause he was absolutely wasted and trashing my house. He refused to leave & got physical. I peppersprayed

My mother, she came over to have dinner but instead started telling me that I need to clean before my wife comes home. My house mom. Go home

Mom came to stay for two wks stayed a yr and was rude, ungrateful and made my kids miserable. She had to go

had a friend over, I went 2 use bathroom came back n he had coke lines on my coffee table. Kicked his ass out Never spoke again!

had to ask my bro in law to leave. He kept saying I'm a bad father because I work too much. He hasn't had a job for 2 years and refuses to work

my parents kicks out my grandparents because they were shaming me because I was gay when I first came out. It's been 10 years and still the same

Roomie had a party, I was trying to sleep (work the next day). Guy fell into the tub, ripped down shower curtain, I got up & screamed @everyone to get out

When I was 16 my mom made my aunt leave our house because she was trying to convince me to rebel and sneak out of the house.

hubby told his mom to leave she hasnt been back! Shouldn't try to argue about the kids in front of them.

After my great uncle yelling at my 90 yr old great grandma at thanksgiving. She stood up and slapped him! Dad escorted uncle out. Best thanksgiving ever!

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