TEXT TOPIC: Do you have F U money?

I have around 40K saved up

We've got 12k saved up for an emergency. We both love our jobs but you just never know. We save at least $500 min every month most times $1,000

I have 15k saved. My husband has NO IDEA!

6 figure trust fund from my grandpa. I've never used it I'm saving it

I saved up F you money for about a year

have just over a million in the bank. I love my job but hate my bosses. I will walk if they mess with me

im 27, work my ass off, have 3 mill in the bank that only my family knows about. Im in the mortgage industry w/ f u money on hand.

6 months of expenses saved up- gonna take 4 months off next summer and tour Europe

I've got about $500,000 and back in 2014 said fu to the dispatch company I was working for, then became self-employed and I'm doing great love and life

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