TEXT TOPIC: Did you make up a better story for your scar?

Had skin cancer on my back surgically removed--BIG scar. Say it's a knife wound. Technically correct.

fractured my tibia walking in NYC. I told people I got kicked by a horse getting on a carriage ride.

My firefighter uncle has a big scar on his eye and tells everyone that a beam fell on his head while he was getting a kid out of a fire.

have a big scar on my knee told my son I was attacked by a shark he would one up all his friends

have a scar on my hand I say was from climbing a barbed wire fence... actually just burned myself taking a cake out of the oven

So I have this long scar on my butt when I wear a swimsuit it comes out and I tell people I got it when I was cliff diving

tore my achilles in the turkey bowl but I tell people it happened saving a puppy that had fallen through the ice, the girls love it

coworker had a nasty surgery scar on his head, would tell people his dad caught his head with a chainsaw

have 4 scratches across my chest that I got from falling over a fence and tell people it was a scratch from a bear when I lived in Alaska

My sister was 7, fell on the playground my dad told her school class she got in a fight with a tiger

drunk I superman down the stairs and now have a scar on my cheek when it happened I said I got in a bar fight instead

tumor on my neck in my early 20's, 4 inch scar from my ear toward the front. It's from when I was "mugged" :)

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