TEXT TOPIC: What fond memory do you have of your grandma or grandpa?

her stories of getting dressed up in her mink coat for a night of dancing with my grandpa and how light she was on her feet

always put others first, took care of family and guests. Had a softball tournament, they made breakfast for the whole team

My papo (grandpa) use to always tell me that I was getting fat every time I saw him, he's always been my motivation to lose weight

when I thnk about my gma I thnk about when she put a table cloth outside and dump spaghetti on it and told us to eat up. It was totally out of character for her

My grandpa died when I was 5. But he always wore Old Spice. 30 years later whenever I smell Old Spice I think of him

would ask great g-pa for a pop he'd lightly smack back of my head then hand me a soda

my gpa told me this and it's stuck to me. "The government can take everything away from you but your education. School is important.

My Grams used to have hawk like hearing

my grandmother taught me how to play poker when I was four

my grandpa or the big cheese as we used to call him skied until he was 88 and is the greatest man I've ever known

today is my grandmothers death anniversary. She went back and got her masters at 60 years old! RIP Grandma!

was very close to my Grandma Porter. She always had time for me and I remember holidays and baking and cooking with her

my grandma loved music and inspired a love of music in all her grandkids. At her funeral in 2012 every grandkid was there and we literally had an orchestra

my gpa is a geologist. I have fond memories of going through his rock garden & learning about rocks w him. Good vibes Wayne xxo

Grama Don-Don could play any song on the piano by ear

Grams never had tolerance 4 poor golf. She wanted u2par EVER HOLE or don't play!

my grandma passed when I was about 17 but I always remember how she'd always call us Sunshine when we'd visit

lived w/grandparents & mom. My gp was everything a wonderful example a man should be. Kind, thoughtful, funny, hardworking & loving

My grandpa died when I was 12. He always gave a bear hug when I seen him. Put a rose one his chair when I got married felt the same hug. miss him a lot

I miss my grandma's magical breakfasts! Ham, eggs, sweet rolls, hash browns, oj. No one else's food comes close! Magic, I'm telling you.

Grandma and grandpa. I still have them on both sides. I'm So lucky. My gma makes the best waffles. Prayers to Wayne.

my grandma always had food when you went to his house and was always telling dirty jokes. I miss him so much.

Gram would always hug and say love you a bushel and a peck a hug around the neck. Gramps always wanted to buy us food he was very generious. Miss them

gam gam, she still doesn't know and would be pissed! Favorite memory is drinking Pepsi on their porch when I was 5.

my grandpy Always tells very cheesy jokes

My grandpa was my favorite. I once got him to admit I was his. I always think of him fishing. I'm sure there is fishing in heaven.

When I think of my grandparents the thought is "no regrets". I live with no regrets because they lived with no regrets.

my gma puts food in her purse when eating at a buffet. One time she found fried chicken in her purse after a few days.

gram always made the best jello with fruit cocktail in it!

my great grandma had a cookie jar I was the favorite I always got cookies it was yellow and my gma has it now but it's a fond memory.

my Poppy always made me huge greasy breakfast every time I visited

my grandma always wanted to feed everyone. She taught me how to cook and is the reason my kids know home cooked food

Best memories of my great grandma we're making peach freezer jam, coloring, and her hilarious way of swearing without swearing 'Gad Bill'

My Farmor (gma in Danish) is the wittiest person you will ever meet... her stories about immigrating from Denmark during the war are hilarious.

Grandpa has had a full time job. He is 88 and finally was told he needs to retire again. He did now looking for another full time job

my grandpa and our trail rides in the mountains will always stay with me. I loved that time and the stories

When I was 8 my grandma said to me "Now I don't want you to grow up to be a slut like your cousin Becky!"

granny Tootsie taught me 2 love Roger Miller. I remember the way she bounced her shoulders as she danced & her bald head. She beat breast cancer

my great-grandma Helped take care of me when I was little- she travelled to every state in the US. Got my love of travel from her

grandma had MS. Right hand & legs paralyzed. She ironed my uncles work shirts w/ 1 hand & her teeth after my aunt complained about it! Always serving.

My Gma passed in May. I always will remember her smile and gentle hugs when me and the triplets walked in the room

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