Kid To Kid Winners

Ezrah Rogers

I nominate Ezrah Rogers he is 13 years old and an amazing kid. He has a strong family history of cancer. His mother had a double mastectomy in May 2017. After creating her very own Charity Called Beauty Cures Project. Ezrah spends most if not all of his free time helping with the charity. Going around to cancer centers donating hims and gifts for those in treatment. Ezrah is an amazing kind very bright, smart and deserves all his dreams to come true!


I would love to nominate my sweet little cousin Nevaeh. She is only 8 years old and she has a heart of gold.  This little girl wears her heart on her shoulder and genuinely enjoys helping people.  About a month ago we were in downtown Salt Lake and we drove past the homeless shelter. She asked why those people were sleeping outside. I explained to her that they were homeless and they have major struggles.  I reminded her to be so thankful for the life she lives,  that she has food, shelter and loved ones.  I could tell she really listened to me.  Well last week she decided that she wanted to make goodie bags for the homeless (completely her idea).she decided to go door to door around the neighborhood asking for donations of any kind.  She had a cute little wagon to carry everything.  She came home with bags of clothes,  toys,  and tons of food. I couldn't believe my eyes.  She separated everything equally and went to the family shelter in Midvale. She hand delivered the bags to the families in need.  For only being 8 years old she truly amazes me. She will make a difference in this world.

Travis Anderson

 I wish to nominate my son Travis Anderson who is 13 years old. He collected 78 used bikes from our neighborhood to donate to refugees and poor families in our community. He passed out 1000 flyers to homes in our neighborhood and is still getting donations. He is currently teaching neighborhood kids and families basic skills in flat repairs for the tires and will donate them to the Provo Bicycle Collective who will do some more repairs before they provide them to refugees and poor families. School work can be a challenge for Travis but working on bikes and knowing how his efforts will help other people has really motivated him. He has a way of reaching out to others who need a friend and teaching them skills.


Caylin, 12 is always going out of her way to include others and make them feel special. She has an eye for seeing those that are in need. Her heart is so big. Today, on our hike with a group of girls,  she noticed a girl that was sitting by herself eating her lunch. She decided to go sit with her and talk with her.  This is just one example but, she can often be found doing something nice for another to help them feel wanted and loved.

Morgan Underwood

Morgan is a 17 year old student at Murray High School, where she is the co-president of their Peer Leadership Team. PLT is a diverse group of students that lead campaigns to educate their peers on social issues impacting kids today, such as mental health and dating violence.  This xmas the student body and PLT lead an effort to raise money for the Make-a-Wish foundation and sponsored a very special little boy awaiting a liver transplant. Through their leadership the school raised over 7 thousand dollars to send this little boy and his family to Disneyland.  Whether it is volunteering at the kitten nursery, passing out hand made burritos downtown to the homeless, or organizing groups to work at the Utah Food Bank, Morgan loves to help others and is constantly thinking of ideas to make a difference.

Brooklyn Sperry

I would like to nominate my 8 year old daughter, Brooklyn for her efforts to help cancer fighters in our community. Brooklyn has helped make and sold super hero capes and bracelets for cancer fighters. She has helped put together and donate therapy bags for kids at Primary's. She has sold raffle tickets to raise money for a little boy with cancer. She recently ran in a 5k to raise money for 2 kids with cancer. She has helped make and serve a meal to families of sick kids at the Ronald Macdonald House at Primary's . Brooklyn does all this to honor her brother, Carter who passed away from cancer at 10 years old.

Brenden & Emily Harris

Brenden (age 15) & Emily (age 13), a brother & sister, have chosen to serve their community by installing Buddy Benches at their local elementary schools. The buddy bench is a simple idea to eliminate loneliness and foster friendship on the playground. Emily is organizing an anti-bullying poster and essay contest as well as assemblies to educate students on how to use the buddy bench to foster friendship and inclusion while Brenden is building the benches as part of his Eagle Scout project in his Furniture Design class at school. Their goal is to encourage each child to Be A Buddy!

Chloe & Benjamin Randall

Chloe (15) & Benjamin (13) Randall make and sell cat and dog toys and beds, and donate the proceeds to animal rescues. They also donate toys directly to homeless pets. They have been doing this since 2012, after adopting a rescued dog. They have donated over $3,000 and given thousands of toys to pets who are waiting for a forever home. They would love to win your contest and use the money to help save more homeless pets! Thank you for hosting a program that highlights great kids in our community!

Isabella Eskelson

I nominate my kind hearted daughter, Isabella Eskelson. She is 12. Her birthday is right before Christmas and when she turned 9, she asked to help those in need instead of receiving gifts at her party. We contacted The Family Promise homeless shelter and received a wish list for a family with 7 kids in need. We asked each friend to bring one or more items to the party. The girls also made personalized stockings stuffed with lots of goodies for the kids. After Christmas she received a hand written note from the family thanking her for giving their kids a Christmas. Then,she turned 10.This time she wanted to help the Christmas Box House by donating stuffed animals to put in their entry way for the kids to pick out when they first arrive. We had a mobile Build a Bear company come to our house and each friend made a special stuffed animal with a little note included. She also bought over $200 worth of books, coloring supplies, blankets and toys for Primary Children's Hospital in Riverton. Isabella chose to spend her bday money from family on kids who are bravely battling sickness.She received a letter from the hospital thanking her for her kindness. Isabella also spends a lot of time volunteering & donating at the Humane Society, its one of her favorite places to be. She loves bringing them food and making homemade treats for her furry friends. She loves to love. I'm so proud to be her mom. I LOVE HER! Thank you:)

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