TEXT TOPIC: What did you think was a good idea when you were drunk?

drinking with some friends and had the great idea to box! Long story short I ended up breaking my friends jaw

Went to see jackass drunk with friends in the theatre, afterwards we dared my friend to run his head through the pantry door. Enough said

Thought we could pull off the dirty dancing move but didn't bother to look up and see the low beam. Hit my head almost a concussion

When I was 21 I was beyond drunk and punched my friends front-room window out stitches and cast. Lesson learned

thought it would be fun to go down the stairs on an ironing board drunk. Somehow the board opened and I was propelled in the air. Crash landing.

me and my friends got really drunk and for some reason thought kicking each other in the genitalia one of the friends burst a testicle

Where do I start BB gun fights silicone spatula fights electric fly swatter fights electric shock collar

my friend punched a frozen pumpkin and broke his knuckles

friend thought it'd be funny 2 pee on ice, -20 in MT. While squatting, lost balance, fell in her pee, & basically froze 2 ground, tore skin off

friends and I playing beer pong one friend was hammered joking around and went to fish tank in the house, got stung by the sting ray in the tank.

At a friends party, he bet me that I couldn't tackle his door down. He failed to mention it was solid oak. Door:1 Me: dislocated shoulder.

bad idea to go roller skating after drinking, blown out knees!

The fianc had a lot to drink. Decided to superman down the stairs & land on her face. Looked like she got into a fight!

Frat boys rode in a grocery cart down the stairs, broke their necks and no more frat

night golf tourn. Everyone drinking, decided to take golf carts racing 1 ended up in the pond. Another hit sprinkler control box

in the navy drunk in Australia drove a bicycle off of a train station platform

drunk and playing shuffle board... somehow I got crazy with it and dislocated my knee!

 had way too much to drink and proudly announced to everyone that I could do the splits, which I definitely cannot. I pulled my hamstring

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