TEXT TOPIC: Did your dog lock you out of your car?

I'm a mobile groomer, I stepped out and had 3 dogs lock me out of my grooming unit!

I am a victim of this. Stupid dog did it multiple times thank heavens for uconnect and I can call them to unlock.

I left my yorkie in my jeep while I was grabbing A redbox. It was running and had my phone in there and she stepped on the lock button.

My dog loves to use the button to unroll the window. The idiot locked me out while I was checking the mail with the lock button

had our boat hooked to our old 4Runner and dad got out and got gas and the rest of us went in to get treats. Can back out and our cocker spaniel had locked the doors

my brother was taking my dogs to get groomed. He got out, closed the door and my dog stood on the door and locked him out.

dog locked me out mid summer 107 outside. Almost broke the window waiting for AAA. AAA opened the door- dog attacked AAA!

Thumbnail Picture: Robert Huffstutter

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