TEXT TOPIC: Confessions in Professions: Hair Stylist clients

Client sat in my chair and said my day isn't so good my wife left me for another woman. Didn't know what to say!!

Affairs, orgies, family secrets, stalkers, spouses wanted by police, murder mysteries, EVERYTHING!!!!!!!

one of my clients told me that she went to Vegas and she ended up sleeping with a 68 year old man. She is 24 and Is married with 2 kids

client was having affair & the mans wife was at the salon the same day. Everyone in the salon knew

hairstylist in a small town. I would always hear who is having an affair with who

My client was telling me about her new boyfriend she is head over heels for. Then found out it

it was her best friends son!

A man trying to have an affair with me while showing me the engagement ring he bought for his girlfriend!

had a federal Marshall and a detective show up asking about a client. Her family member was involved in a kid napping and they thought she was hid

first week working I had A client who told me all about her impending divorce & drug problems & husband porn addiction

Family secrets and when you do multiple people in the family's hair you have to remember who knows what and what's a secret to who!!!

wife cheated on him and sent him the video. To get her back he's sending that video to her family.

client one time was telling me how bad her husband treated her. But she was planning on staying with him.

client told me about a stalker they have even showed me a YouTube video that was made for them

I had a client tell me all about her sexual escapades with her boss to get ahead. She works for one of the cities & isn't qualified for her job.

I was the first to know my client was transitioning to a woman.

Had a client that went off about her husband, she was basically telling me about her plots or plans to kill him, Or to get him killed.

client confessed she is cheating on her husband with a girl. She would tell me details of their intimacy! I wish I had ear muffs!

had a client tell me how they lie about their income so they don't have to pay more child support

in the midst of a divorce tells me In graphic detail how she cheats on her taxes

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