TEXT TOPIC: Did you throw a party and things got wrecked?

my step brother did threw a party. His first one they broke lamps, broke a few dishes and the spotless home was trashed.

when I was a kid I threw a party and someone at the party came back later and stole $7000 worth of stuff. And broke my windshield

my friend threw a party while her parents were gone. She got tipsy and ended up driving her Parents BMW through the living room wall

Daughter had a few,6,friends. They had firecrackers, blew up, almost blew windows and doors, one burned to hospital. :(

parents out of town brand new house 2 holes in the wall and our big fancy brick mailbox..demolished someone ran it over!

threw a party while watching my neighbors house and all the flatscreen TVs were stolen

cousin had a party that got huge. Massive fight broke out police called including helicopter. Aunt was sent a pic of front page newspaper next day

teens drove a motorcycle through the house flooded the pool table threw eggs and Dawn dish soap all over the walls and a TV in the pool

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