Check out this close encounter!

A close encounter of the third kind!  Check out what listener Nicole's grandpa spotted in the late 60's!!  It was even featured on Ancient Aliens! 


Since the early 1960s to the present there have been numerous documented and

undocumented  Unidentified Flying Objects UFO incidents at remote USAF missile

Launch Facilities LF  and  Launch Control Facilities LCF.  1200 missiles total  in Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming and Missouri.  54 Titan ll missiles

total in Kansas, Arkansas and Arizona.  The total Minuteman Missiles has been reduced

to about 600 at  three bases including Malmstrom AFB in Montana. The entire fleet of Titan missiles have been deactivated. The sites that were deactivated were given back to the property owners that wanted them. Similar incidents as the one I am going to describe

have been going on for years, the only official documentation, which was really weak, was in the Project Blue Book archives. The US Air Force was in charge of  this project so the could pretty much dictate what was and wasn't entered in it go figure Tonto! Some

of  the incidents have been blamed on hallucinations, weather balloons  and the Northern Lights. To my our the general publics knowledge none of the reported sightings have been confirmed  to the point where someone would go on record stating such. The so called official investigation results have been documented like I said in the Project Blue book archives. The government officials are just allowing public information as they see fit. I think they cover up the truth  so they don't look stupid. The incident that I witnessed and unwittingly became a part of occurred on March17, 1967. I was the missile quality assurance manager on a modification/maintenance team from Hill AFB , Utah. The work we performed was on the actual missile launch facilities ( LF) of Alpha and Bravo flight. The sites are not manned and the launch and monitoring of the sites is performed by the Launch Control Facility (LCF) each LCF controls 10 missiles, the LCF is manned by two armed USAF officers, if and when the launch commands given it takes both crew members two simultaneously turn the launch key within one second, it is physically impossible for one person to enter the launch command.

  The LFC in on a manned complex that has a manned security desk and houses the combat security teams that patrol the access roads and maintain site security they are commonly referred  to  as a strike team, they are heavily armed and can respond with deadly force.  The strike teams respond directly from orders from the desk sergeant who, under  unusual circumstances responds from orders directly from the launch crew.

The launch crew and the security personnel are given extensive training on how to cope and deal with stressful situation such as occurred on march 17th.

 Back to the incident, the maintenance team I was monitoring was working the graveyard shift on missile silo A-3. Each team is assigned a armed USAF security guy well trained and cool. About midnight the guard was sitting in my government car taking  a break and having a cup of coffee,  there was not much happening on his tactical radio or on my SATAF radio.  It was a clear dark night and the guard and I  stepped out of the car so he could have a smoke. I seemed really eerie it was deathly quite and the rest of the crew  was working in the silo. Suddenly the guards radio started to say that some unknown activity was occurring near our site A-3 and A-5. As we stood by the car something really strange was happening in the sky almost directly above the site, it was virtually silent but you could sense its presence and see something blocking the stars directly above the silo.

The guards radio really came alive and he became excited and  somewhat confused waiting further instruction.

 Suddenly the commercial power to the site shut down and the Diesel generator  came on and the site went on emergency power. at this time the maintenance guys came topside to see what was going on. Then the diesel shut down and the silo went on battery power, at the time the Launch officer ordered everyone , (4 guys other than me and the guard) to stay in their cars and monitor the SATAF radio. At this time the same thing was occurring at A5 and you could hear the roving patrols radio traffic saying that they had seen UFO's hovering above A-3 and A-5, and they appeared to be moving between both sites. The situation along with the radio traffic seemed totally unreal and it seemed like there was allot of confusion on how to respond. The guard with me just sat in the car staring at his radio, confused and not knowing what to do. We were  again told to stay in our cars until further notice. I got out and stood by the car door and could tell something really strange was happening. Then the battery power to the silo shut down and it was really quite other than the confusion on the radios. Although I can't say for sure it seams like this incident only lasted about 10 or 15 minutes because that is about the time it would  take  the strike team to get to the site. When they finally got there we had been given orders to return to the base about an hours drive. As they arrived the commercial power came back on and the site was seemingly returning to normal, we left so we just

assumed it would return to normal, even if it and A-5 did we knew that within a hour both sites would be swarming with investigators and men in black, we were right in that assumption. When I say we I mean the guard and I.  The guard was not very talkative on the drive back he was only concerned about how he reacted to the situation. When we arrived back at the base we were met buy some Air Force officers who took the guard and told me where to report for a debriefing, The rest of the team was there when I got there and these very serious officers and one civilian told us in no uncertain terms that we were not to discuss this incident in any shape or form and that we would be given additional information as it occurred, I didn't count on that happening because although we were witnesses we were not going to be subjected to any intensive interrogation.

 The next morning the team I was on was given another "Don't you say a word or you could lose your job" briefing.  We then were given a armed escort out to the site to retrieve our equipment and tools and move onto another site outside of  the  ten launch sites of A flight. When we arrived at A-3 to get our stuff  the site looked like an ant hill.

I never did understand why they let us get the tools and equipment that soon after the incident.  Our assignment was cut short a couple weeks later and we returned to Hill.

 No one wanted to lose their job so nothing to my knowledge was discussed concerning the incident.

 Let me rethink that, one of the guys on the maintenance teams was a really good friend of mine Dale Snider, we didn't want to lose our jobs but we did on rare occasion talk about what happened that night.  We both agreed on what happened ,my version and his was almost identical, the only difference was  he was down in the silo when it started and I was topside sitting in the car. Every account other than that was identical. Unfortunately

Dale passed away while working on another missile site in Wyoming .

  I have been a believer in extraterrestrial occurrences from my teen years to the present.

When this incident occurred it wasn't like the Hollywood version of humming, hovering flying saucers with little guys with big eyes and long  arms. It happened with a silent, precision  and almost unobservable manner as would have been expected under the circumstances. I believe the Malmstrom AFB Missile wing was chosen because of the

remoteness of some of the missile sites Alpha flight was actually in a mountainous region, not like the Rockies but more like big hills with lots of pine trees, it was the ideal scene set for this incident.

I believe the circumstances involved a UFO that had either a mechanical failure and needed to recharge its systems or was on a training mission for the same reason, there was at least two of these UFOs sighted which makes sense if you believe why they were there.  I personally believe it was a training exercise to make sure they could do it if there ever was the need to, I believe  one of them did the actual maneuver and the other was an observer or escort.

 I think their propulsion system required large amounts  of  various  types of electricity to recharge and to get the various voltages  they had to power down the launch site.  They chose remote missile sites in Montana because they had assumed they would not be occupied, if they had the intelligence to pull this off  you would think these would have known that A-3 was occupied.  The other site A-5 was not occupied, maybe they wanted to see if it made any difference it the site was occupied, based on what happened it apparently didn't make any difference.

 Although this incident happened many years ago I remember it like it was yesterday.

I reaffirm  my belief that there is intelligence life in the vast openness of space and although face to face or arms length contact is a matter of personal belief and  no hard core evidence has been made public. I truly, for whatever reason  believe the governments of the world have conspired to ignore or disavow any contact with extraterrestrial travelers or UFOs. Which doesn't make sense , they happen and are there, maybe someday they will be so common that their presence cannot be denied.

  As a final thought, so many people say that space traveled as we know it is primitive and no form of life could sustain space travel. That could be true if you want to believe it,

I don't.

  If I really wanted to I could design a space traveling vehicle based on the probability of magnetic attraction. It has been proven that magnetic attraction energy fields  travel hundreds  of time faster that the speed of light, believe it or  not " Beam me up Scottie" has a lot of technical merit. All things generate varying degrees of magnetism

some fields are self generating and some fields require various amounts of electricity.

Does that sound familiar, various amounts of electricity, Montana  Missile site mystery,

not so much a mystery when you look at it that way. In simple terms a technically designed space vehicle utilizing magnetic attraction could very easily focus in on the magnetic attraction frequency of any given field in space and lock on. and be there in

virtually minutes. I could,  but I am not going to design the vehicle, I would rather sit back and watch these genius"s who deny space travel figure it out.

"Beam me up Scottie and fly me to the Moon"

Mel Hansen      June 3, 2014

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