TEXT TOPIC: What keeps you up at night?

Applied for an internship at the U & I interview March 9 - freaking out a little

Listing our house on Wednesday! Hoping it sells quickly- losing sleep for sure

My hubby stresses out about the his business That keeps him up at night.

My divorce and how custody will go

Getting married in September and buying a house in August! A year of firsts!

Don't have enough money. My debt feels like it only gets bigger.

Over 20 credits of classes, Part time work, Honors project FML

My husband left his job to start his own business. It totally stresses me out I worry about every aspect of it

My baby is due any day now. I'm exhausted 

Nursing school with two small kids

2 miscarriages last year and now I'm 11 weeks w/twins (thanks RCC) and keep stressing that in going to lose one or both.

Trying to support my family keeps me up at night. I want them to have all they want

I'm 22 and going bald. It feels embarrassing to be this young and already losing hair.

My job. It wakes me up at 3am in panic attacks & keeps me up

Don't know if my wife and I will be together for much longer

Due in May. My first child was 20 YEARS AGO!!

3 deaths in out family in the last 6 months.

What keep me up at night getting deployed to the Middle East this year.

Getting divorced with kids AND moving all at the same time. Stressed beyond words... Up all night Every night worrying that we will be ok.

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