TEXT TOPIC: What is something good that's going on?

Something good for my Monday. Just found out I'm pregnant after 2 rounds of iui at RCC!

made it to work without dying that's Happy

God put me up on the wake up list today

Sold our house without the hassle of listing it. Made a good chunk of change. Now our new out of state adventure awaits!

Happy because I and my family are healthy happy and safe

found out last night I'm going to be a father!!!

after 6 years my fiance and I are getting married! I've dreamt of this day since I was a little girl!!

after much saving, I bought a brand new vehicle in cash.

my test results came back negative for the BRCA 1 gene...YAY I can keep my ovaries & boobies :)

Got offered a new job. Put in my 2 weeks. My current employer gave me a BIG RAISE to stay! So happy!

I'm getting married in 3 weeks. We're both divorced and been single over 10 years. Finally found each other

after years of struggling to pass one specific class, this semester I'm on track to pass with an A. #NeverGiveUp

Starting my first job today post college!!!

My husband and me are graduating college this week and going to vacation Vegas to celebrate

job interview today!

my beautiful wife is 21 weeks along with our baby girl.

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