TEXT TOPIC: Confessions in Professions: Car dealerships

But we don't just keep track of what sales we make we also keep track of who can get some on the test drive. One guy has 6xs

I'm a woman who works at the dealership and it is foul. I might as well be on a ship with a bunch of sailors.

Work in Detail, you would not believe the things I have seen/cleaned out of cars from mold, to blood/teeth and much more. seriously tip your detailer!

Don't work at a dealership I work at a collision repair shop and long Story short dealerships wanna cut corners even if it makes the vehicle un safe

BF used to work at a dealership, New salesman are treated like crap and Hazed

If you qualify for 2% interest but they sign you for like 6% the bank kicks back 4 % to the dealership. So wrong!

We drove the cars and cleaned them when someone bought them, we did burnouts and floored them the whole way.

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