TEXT TOPIC: What is your go to daily food?

My hubby eats count chocula each nite. Yes buys cases ea Halloween

Sprite and almond Hershey's

Pickle juice with Tabasco in it

PB & J and crackers every night before bed

Have a jar of kosher fill pickles

4 chips ahoy cookies with ice cold milk before bed

An apple and 4 Breve lattes

Purple Skittles

A1 Sauce! I eat it on everything!

Chocolate every single day. You don't want to see me without it.

Diet pepsi and French fries!

Chocolate monster muscle shakes.

Starbucks very Berry refresher with coconut milk!!!

Have to have diet coke and the hostess mini muffins. Bluberry flavored

Chai tea every morning

Bulletproof coffee = coffee with grass fed ghee + coconut oil, little bit a sugar.

Zero Carb, Zero Calorie Rockstar. Either Fruit Punch or Watermelon. Every morning!

Coke everyday

Husband eats granola, a banana and a glass of orange juice every single morning

Have a bowl of regular cheerios and milk every night.

Sour gummy worms

My guilty pleasure is every single day is a grilled cheese with Ketchup. And chocolate milk.

Dry honey bunches of oats (the almond kind!) EVERY morning.

Redds every single day.

Diet coke

Salted caramel power crunch bar

I have one beer.

Diet Mt Dew at least 4 a day!

PEPSI and sunflower seeds!

Tacos. Every day for lunch.

Cinnamon tea in the morning and diet Dr Pepper in the afternoon

Chicken noodle soup every day for lunch.

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