TEXT TOPIC: What do you and your spouse fight about most?

My parents and how much time I spend there.

Argue about which way the toilet paper should be on the dispenser.

My hubby & I argue oddly enough about communication. He wants to hash things out right then & I need 5 mins to calm down or I get hateful during arguments.

How much I spend at Target.

My husband and I are constantly fighting about him being on his phone or computer instead of listening to me when I talk to him. It drives me crazy!!!!

Hubby and I are constantly fighting over who is doing the dishes.

My wife will not take her health seriously. We argue about it all the time.

New business ventures. He's ALWAYS all in before considering how it would work into our life with 3 kids and other obligations.

Me and my new wife argues about who pays the bills I make more and she think she's the boss.

Appreciation I always always always go back to not feeling appreciated doesn't matter what the argument is it always goes back to that.

The source of our fights are always his family.

Me and my husband fight about travel. I want to go out of the country and he always wants to go to the same places.

Me and husbie always fight about him working the night shift. Only see him on the weekend, he refuses to work the day shift, never see each other.

We fight over kids and grades. Oldest kid gets bad grades but my wife still wants him to have privileges like electronics and time with friends.

I like the heat off and the window open at night. He likes the heat set 70 at night and I sweat like a pig.

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