TEXT TOPIC: What did you miss because you overslept?

slept through my high school graduation you had to be there at 9 AM for practice graduation was at 11 AM I woke up at 10:45

I'm a florist and i was awake for 24 hrs on 3 hrs of sleep on Valentine's so i slept through our dinner plans on Valentine's night.

over slept and forgot to pick up my daughter from her preschool worst father ever

on my wedding day I was nervous took NyQuil woke up at 1.30 or so. My wedding was at 1 and I was the groom. Ppl thought I had cold feet.

slept through my final! Because I was studying haha #fail

have to pick my husband up at three in the morning and I didn't wake up to both of my alarms and he came home at 5 o'clock cause he walked home

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