TEXT TOPIC: What's in YOUR safe?

In my safe is my hand gun, ammo for it, the 1st $100 chip I won gambling, pictures of my fam, my first Nokia cell phone and the wrapper of my 1st condom.

safe has assorted ammo, 2 WW2 rifles and some collectors currency like the old coins with JFK on them

ar15, shotgun, 45 cal handgun. Ammo for all, passports and important documents

adult toys and ammunition..

shotgun, 10/22, 40 cal handgun, ammo, lagoon season passes, gift cards from xmas, photos, important docs

Guns n sex toys

I keep anything that has sentimental value from my childhood, plus important stuff like documents and anything financial

my safe has guns amo old VHS tapes of my late father and important documents

money money money, SS cards, passports, tax information in one. In the other, sex toys and sexy outfit

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