TEXT TOPIC: Does your spouse lie? Like really bad?

My Ex husband went to boot camp but never completed it & he tells people that he fought in Iraq & was shot. But that was a broken leg scar.

same story. Registered for school. Never went. I saw his term papers. Fake email addresses. Text books. Left everyday for "school"

I found out and turns out his parents knew he lied! They were the ones who asked me "are you sure he's going to school and work?"

after 28 years of marriage my aunt found out her "mormon" husband was a cheater, had sexual abused all of his kids, been involved in money scams.

My husband's cousin was married to a liar for several years. He served two tours in Afghanistan, and was a police officer. All lies.

my ex lied about being in special forces military and being injured in combat. The lies went on and on. I can relate with Ms. X! #batshizcrazy

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