TEXT TOPIC: Did someone crop you out of a photo?

Cropped my dad out of our family pictures because he was living a double life

my sister in law's college graduation. Her friend cropped me out of the photo. What the heck?

took a pic with my sil and mil. My sil cropped the pic and posted it as her profile pic of just her and my mil... I was totally cropped out! #cashmeoutside

cropped an ex out of a photo. It's still one of my favorite pictures of myself.

my kids crop me out of everything

I was cropped out of my ex boyfriends match profile picture. He had other pics of him in my house on there too.

I have cropped people out before. I looked good in the picture

my ex cut me. It's still his profile pic---he just doesn't want his wife to know he's hanging onto a picture of me

My sister-in-law's profile pic is one we took together at the wedding with me cut out.i guess she liked how she looked,my curls show on the side

my ex husband used a picture from our honeymoon together to use as his profile picture for his dating app that I found when we were still married

my mom crops me & my sibs out if we make faces. It's fine though, she doesn't need 100 pictures of us eating lunch. You get ONE smile.

my ex used to crop me out pics on Facebook when he was mad at me and then reinstate me when he wasn't mad #douchebag

My roommate cropped me out of pics at her bridal shower. Kept the other 2 roommates...

cropped out my old roommates from my current profile picture, it made a good family picture of my husband, my baby girl and I

my sister was walked down the aisle by my dad and step dad. My mom cropped out my dad and shared it on FB

met Charlie Puth in your Clearlink lounge and I totally cropped my friend out.

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