TEXT TOPIC: Who is your family member that embarrassing you because of what they wear in public?

my boy wears his house slippers anywhere after he gets home from work and it drives me crazy. Just wear shoes!

my sperm donor wears a Hawaiian flower shirt, shorts with a belt, and sandals with calf length socks when I use to hang out with him.

it's mom. She wears 2 mismatched diamond rings on her ring finger to give the illusion that she has a big wedding ring. It's not fooling anyone.

my 35 year old sister wears these AWFUL little dresses. They are gross short. And sometimes spaghetti straps or strapless. It's like Meredith from the office

my mom wears scrubs everywhere. She's not a nurse

my dad LOVES denim. He will wear acid washed pants (from the 80's), a denim shirt AND a falling apart denim jacket.

my father-in-law where's strappy sandals with no socks with his Levi's and he has the grossest toes! I hate it

my 36 yr old sis dresses like she's 16. It's humiliating. Belly button ring and fake boobs hangin out

my mother in law only wears crocs for shoes, ALL seasons of the year. She even wore them to my wedding...

My sister and her husband wear Ninja Turtle Fuzzy pajamas

I'm the one that embarrasses my family, bright golf shorts amd shirts. Like a sour watermelon I don't have to see it, and I'm comfortable.

My sister will wear low-cut shirts to church showing all of her goods or short skirts.

my husband used to wear those mystical wolves and Eagles T-shirts until we got engaged

my husband loves to go out in his Mexican man sandals with long white socks and basketball shorts. It just looks bad

my mom has this pull over hoodie that is yellow and I mean yellow yellow she looks like spongebob

my sister in law wears a tight lace tank with nothing but a bra. She is not tone at all. They shouldn't make that shirt in her size

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