TEXT TOPIC: What crazy thing happened to you twice in one day?

I have been pulled over twice and ticketed twice

Went to the landfill in the morning. Got pooped on by a seagull. Went back later in the afternoon got pooped on again! Damn birds.

flat tire twice on the way to work. Separate tires. Yeah that was a phone call to the boss.

water heater faucet breaks and floods basement, then the afternoon the outside pipe burst and added to the flood.

2 roll overs 7 hrs apart walked away

worked at the movie theater and I found $50 then 2 hours later I found $620 under a seat nobody came back for it I got to keep it all

cracked open an egg with double yolks, and then ANOTHER ONE after that!

my cousin won Rihanna tickets twice in one day so 4 of us got to go!

work in a preschool. I was bitten twice in one day this week.

I won two trips to Hawaii in the same day

sprayed 2x in the same day by skunks, once in the face.

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