TEXT TOPIC: Why would Mr. X do this!!!

Mr. X is married with kids. His ex or as he calls her, "soul mate" who is also married with kids, is BACK. What would you do? 

left my spouse and actually moved out of state with kids to be with an ex. Worst mistake ever. Luckily my husband took me back. Ex for a reason!!

know a couple, were college sweethearts. Went separate ways, both married and had a kid with another person then got divorced and married each other.

did what Mr x did and broke my husbands heart. My mom says grass isn't greener and it wasn't. Now divorced, alone, with 3 kids.

it sounds like he is already made his mind up! Be man enough to your kids to get a divorce

It won't last and you're breaking up your family!

An emotional affair is worse than a sexual affair for a lot of women. He needs to decide and run with that decision.

there is a reason she is an ex 2 soul mate would not do this to you ever

My ex from college showed up 20 years later try to rekindle our relationship I quickly realized he is not the kind of man I would want to be with now

my dad cheated on my mom and broke up our family when I was five and its effected me every day since!

I feel so bad for Mr X wife. Selfish

if he isn't looking for advice that means he's already explored he wants validation

this happened to me we didn't have kids but he did leave me for his high school sweetheart now he's married to her with three kids

got back w/ ex & left current guy, I had a child with, & ex had kids, for a sec it was fun reliving it,it became worse and I hated myself for my decision

left my spouse after 27 years of marriage for someone I knew back in high school. Sometimes I wish I had had stayed. The grass is not always greener

I was miserable in a toxic marriage and left when I met someone. Ultimately it was for the best but it didn't come without TONS of collateral damage

if she is the type who will tear up his family, she will tear him up and leave him too.

if she sought him out what makes him think he'll be the only one. she could be bored with him & move onto the next guy!

my mom did this to my dad. She was willing to do this to my dad and definitely was willing to do this to her "high school" sweet heart shes alone

married for 5 years. Met my soulmate. Won't cheat or leave my wife. Made her a promise

my dad is going thru the exact same thing but he has done something w/her & it has destroyed our family. He wants the best of both worlds

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