TEXT TOPIC: Who is the person in your fam that you are embarrassed to go out in public with?

my mother in law, she picks a fight w everyone she can, makes fun of ppls weight n ethnicities n is super rude to waiters, scared our food will b spat on!

my mom is the one. She will talk smack 2every 1. She's even laid down on a store floor bcuz a kid was throwing a fit and she started kicking and screaming

I hate going anywhere with my father in law. He has no concept of social appropriateness and is downright rude to people, especially servers.

My aunt! She thinks the word FREE means take enough for your family for the next 3 months. Loud, obnoxious & embarrassing!

My brother. Looks homeless. Wears stinky,dirty mechanic clothes everywhere

my grandmother. She farts openly, not because she can't help it, she just knows old people can get away with it.

embarrassed to go out with my father in law. He is so overweight that people can't help but stare at him

my brother and his girlfriend both nod off like junkies while eating dinner because they abuse xanax. We do not go out to eat with them anymore

my mother-in-law. She's comments on people's weight and appearance loudly. Also, steals forks, plates, etc from the restaurant table

My best friend, can't go to movies with her because she is a movie talker!! Aargghh!

my wife and mother in law are the people who modify everything they order and then always complain that it is not right.

My MIL. Once the drinks cake and she is the worst. She makes fun of people look overall and will start cussing at the waiters.

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