TEXT TOPIC: What did you boss say that stuck with you?

my boss confronted me last week with a bunch of lies coworkers said about me. Now I feel like I'm under a microscope and I can't win.

My boss asked me if my English was good enough to explain why I couldn't communicate with him. No. It's because he's an ahole but it still gets to me

my boss critiqued my paperwork which is the only thing I feel I do well. Ruminated for months and even felt depressed

my boss said I'm too negative. Which is funny because the person that complained is one of the most pessimistic people I've ever met

My boss once told me I way overthink things. Well now I'm overthinking overthinking everything

my boss uses gossip from her favs that she takes as gospel. Some people who can do no wrong and I can't do anything right. Hear about it constantly.

my boss told me and another boss we were stupid for not estimating how much a department would over spend correctly, which she did with us

my boss once told me she thinks I have Aspergers

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