TEXT TOPIC: What did you find or drop in the toilet?

my 3yo put an entire double roll into the toilet

My husband dropped his new 700$ phone in the portapotty at work.

had about 5 spiders in my toilet. I even sat down to pee and felt something tickle my butt. When I stood up, all 5 spiders had fallen into the water

living with inlaws. Came home to dogs escaped from kennels and mother in laws kindle in toilet!

lost my debit card

Me and my siblings would get interrogated and punished by my mom for stealing money out of her purse. Well, turns out our youngest baby brother would Take the money from her purse, go to the bathroom, and flush it down the toilet. He loves watching the money go round and round the toilet bowl

dropped my glasses in the toilet, let's just say they got a DEEP cleaning before I let them ever touch my face again

Found a bat in the toilet at our cabin, which is a block down from Frankie's

Went to pee at a campground and opened the lid, found a chipmunk swimming in circles. Rescued it, I'm a hero!

My co worker found a mouse in the toilet at work.

found my 2 year old washing her hand, face and hair in the toilet

my husband knocked my opened makeup bag in the toilet. Caught him pulling everything out putting it back like it never happened

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