TEXT TOPIC: Didn't think I would ever say this to my child.....

9 month old girl, 2 big boxer dogs. Told her not to lick the dogs. And no, don't bite his ear.

Told my teething toddler we don't chew on balls, they may pop. I've said this several times and it's so wrong each time I catch it!

When I said clean up your blocks I didn't mean lick them

q.u.i.t putting m&ms in the moose's nose..... ( 3 year old standing on the couch reaching at my mount on the wall)

careful how hard you pull on your penis

told my 18 month old "take your shoe out of the fridge"

Please don't lick the tree!

Wyatt...you and daddy don't wear heels and dresses."

please don't lick your sister. Please don't eat the bum cream haha

son don't poop in the bathtub!

honey don't climb the walls naked

please don't Fart on your sister's face

to my 2 year old "Please don't use your plate as a phone"

boys ages 6 and 3, "we don't sniff people's butts". They were pretending to be dogs

don't put the bouncy ball up your butt.

son, don't lick the rain off the truck. Don't bite your brothers toes.

Fri night I just told my almost 3 year old son "hey, no balls in your mouth". Then both my husband & I cracked up.

you can't wipe your butt on your coat sleeve. Now You have poop all over. Next time use toilet paper like everyone else.

my youngest puts everything in his mouth. In public I have had to tell him to take his shoe out of his mouth! So gross!

1 year old son loves to take his 4 year old sister's underwear from the laundry basket and wear on his head. "Take sissy's undies off your head"

get your finger out of my nose :/

"Get your rollerblades out of the tub. You can't rollerblade in there!"

don't drink out of the dog bowel

Pls put mom's tampons away. Son used to play with them like Torpedoes with army men

no, you cannot light the dryer lint on fire in the driveway!

kids were taking a bath, suddenly I'm saying don't kiss your sister's crotch

don't lick the cat or the dog.

at the grocery store: "son please don't lick that" I was on the phone with my mom and she couldn't halt laughing!

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