TEXT TOPIC: What is the gossip in your hood?

The board members on our HOA are using their religious positions to influence our neighborhood to make some big decisions.

Dude behind us stole from us. We told the whole neighborhood. Others were stolen from too. Now EVERYONE knows.

Word in the street is my neighbors are swingers or another neighbor believes they are polygamists. I don't believe it

everyone talks about my next-door neighbor because he is super trashy and his yard looks like crap and he has a dog that barks all day long!

Neighbor two doors down is dealing drugs. Finally got caught not long ago and he was also holding two girls hostage in the basement

neighbor shows up at all hours to houses in bathrobe. We all know cops by name. She has mental and drug issues.

The husband of one of our direct neighbors and the wife from our other direct neighbor we're meeting up in our backyard to have an affair

my husband cheated, we decided to stay together. He was excommunicated from the Mormon church for it, and although all that is suppose to be confidential

my neighbor Across the street has a guy come over to her house every Wednesday and he leaves right before her hubby comes home. Juicy!

new neighbors in the same house leave the back window wide open all day and all night, even in snow storms. i swear they r cooking meth over there!

goody two shoes mom of 5 neighbor was recently exposed 4 having a secret boyfriend, lesbian lover, and faking cancer. I swear. It's like a movie.

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