TEXT TOPIC: Who is the person in your family you dread talking to on the phone?

can't stand to be on the phone with my father in law. All he does is whine about his life and how it's not going his way...

My Gma, she is deaf so I am basically yelling on the phone to her & repeating everything

dread talking to my mom. She talks about 6 diff things at once and you have no idea what she is even talking about #shootmenow

Great grandma because she never answers her phone when u call her, but if she calls u she just complains the whole time that nobody ever calls her.

my 17 yr old son! He's just a talker! he calls me at work to give me useless information!...the score his friend got on a test etc…

dread talking to my mom we can say bye multiple time and she will start a new conversation after each one plus some awkward silence

it's me I know it. I'm just awkward on the phone and I admit it freely. I hate talking in the phone!

my father in law! He always calls me when he has unusual health issues

it's my dad. He always calls when he's pooping bc that's apparently the only time he has to catch up. I appreciate the thought, but c'mon!!!

its me. my mom calls all my siblings to talk, not me because there are way too many awkward silences

hate talking to my MIL on phone. She's always talking to everyone else in the background so I never know when she's taking to me. Focus lady!

my wife...turn A five minute conversation into a half hour

my sister! She calls to talk about EVERYONE else! When I get off the phone i don't even know why she called

My sister in law takes forever to get to the point! There's always 6 small side stories in her telling one simple story.

dread talking to my mother on the phone. She goes off and talks about every other thing besides the actual topic. She repeats herself

My mom. Whenever I call her, she never answers. She always calls me back and the first five minutes of the conversation is why she was not able to get to the phone

my mom tells stories you've already heard and she is very detailed like what they were wearing, so her stories go on for houuurrss.

When talking to my mom, I need to plan on at least an hour to an hour and a half to talk to her and she repeats the same things over and over

It's my grandma: she refuses to wear her hearing aides, so the entire conversation is shouting. And also she's poor me, even though everything is fine

my mom drags on her goodbyes.. k... alright... k.. love ya... k

my sister in law. Always asks us to babysit but beats around the bush for half an hour before finally asking

dread conversations worn my Brother In Law about his bowl movements during or after

My mother in law. She calls and talks crap about everyone she talk to on the phone that day

my father in law when he was my boss he called me all the time drunk feeding me with a bunch of crap

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