TEXT TOPIC: Did you have to fire someone because of something stupid?

work at a truck rental had a coworker get fired for stealing washer fluid

guy was fired 4 giving people an extra pack of cigarettes on their bday

Friend was fired after she fell asleep at her job daily. It was a call center, they turned out all the lights and gave every employee lazy boys as chairs

fired for workin overtime during a ot freeze. Only my boss made me stay and work late on H-ween for a Community party

Worked at a law firm; was let go because I was "aggressive and overly ambitious" and they said it was making the other employees look bad.

got fired for being early after being written up for being late. Gotta get there exactly at 8am

had to fire an employee for dressing up as a unicorn and frolicking outside during the pride festival while on company time

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