TEXT TOPIC: Did your significant other promise to change so you would stay?

was planning to leave 3 times, he said he would change. He didn't so I'm leaving him this time! Moving out in 2 weeks!

snooped online and found my fiance talking to other women. I was going to leave but he says he will go to individual and couples counseling

Hubby agreed to see a psychiatrist & stay on bipolar meds to avoid divorce. Doing well 12 yrs later

4 ago my gf told me if I don't man up and grow up, she is leaving. We are getting married this year

my mom in law was living downstairs & he kept bringing her into arguments. I was gonna leave but he said he'd kick her out a year later she's gone

my husband walked out on me and my two kids and I begged him to come back and the reason he left is he cause he couldn't stand our dogs so I found them new homes

I was going to break up with my boyf 5yrs ago coz he played vidgames more than hang with me. I would go days without seeing him. He said he would cut out

5 years ago, my gf was going to leave me because I didn't have a job or a drivers license. We just moved to Utah and are getting married soon!

was addicted to porn, went to therapy/gave up internet to keep wife from leaving. The trust is back! Still married 6 years l8r w/ a new baby.

my fiance has to stay on his meds or i leave. He has a plethora of mental health issues

hubby promised to go to therapy. I stayed. Three years later, he walked out on me when I was 34 wks preggo and moved in with another woman.

after 2 babies and 16+ yrs was leaving due to his drug abuse. He did 60 days in rehab. Now he's 3 yrs clean and things are great

after 16 years of marriage kicked him out for addiction problems he got help came back five years later we're divorced same problems

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