Group Therapy: Miss X was almost fired because of a co-worker that she thought was a friend. Messed up! Should she stay or go?

I was in that same situation, but I got fired. I would start looking for another job ASAP. There is no point staying. You will be happier.

Upset with bosses but is it possible they had to check into accusations to cover their butt

same situation, I ended up staying w/out confronting coworker. It's very awkward at the office & high tension, and I am now looking for a new job

Same thing happened to me, except, I did get fired. I think she should stay, show them B's what "can't take me down" looks like!

Trust is broken. Time to move on but don't burn that bridge. Leave on good terms

don't leave! If you love your job, don't leave. I have been in similar situations and both times, the right prevails!

would suggest a sit down with the bosses and lay out how you're feeling, then make a decision...

had something similar happen, don't give up your job for someone who doesn't matter. Keep to yourself, ur there for work not friends

the best time to find a better job is when you have a job! Go!

From HR/legal standpoint the employer may think the coworker is nuts but still HAS to look into issue. She should stay. Don't let someone else ruin your career

if they did it to you once they'll do it to you again I say leave.

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