TEXT TOPIC: Are you with a man that is TOO emotional?

My ex cried more than a baby, hence that's why he is my ex so embarrassing

my ex husband NEVER cried so I was used to that. My new boyfriend would cry all the time but I had to man him up. I couldn't handle it.

my ex bf would cry and try to "hug it out" any time we would have a disagreement or fight and it would make me more angry.

dated a guy that cried ALL the time. Then he got his testosterone checked

my ex cried all the time over everything we broke up because of it to many damn feelings lmao but I have the emotional capacity of a tea spoon

my ex ALWAYS cried over everything!!! He cried over the Geico commercial every time!! Kids tell me he still cried and the new girlfriend hates it!!

one of my exes would cry all the time. 'waaah im just so happy we're together' like once a week. uh ok... im out

husband is mamas boy, he grew up w/ feminine traits including crying w/ any emotional feeling. Cries when angry, stressed, tense conversations etc

went out with this guy who cried after we made out because he just loved kissing so much. I was like "uh okay, yeah we are done"

my exhusband is a crier. We're talking daily! Especially if alcohol is involved. Everyone teases him because they know it's coming.

my ex cried about everything like that I had been with people before him, when I broke up with him he cried so hard he gave himself a nosebleed

my ex was a cry baby. In one argument he was sobbing & in between every word catching his breath saying I just deserve 2have someone that loves me!

my ex hubby used to cry all of the time. The crazy thing is that I found out he was a compulsive liar so the things he cried about were made up! #batcrapcray

My ex cried alwaayyys. He'd be like, 'baaaabe cuddle, I need snugglies." I wanted to barf

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