TEXT TOPIC: Do you know of a teacher that hooked up with a student?

I graduated in class of 2007 and when I was a junior and senior I know of at least three girls who had a short term fling with our history teacher

JR high our detention lady was hooking it up with a student. She went to prison for 2 years

our gross librarian was having sex with a girl at school in his van in the parking lot for months! Yuck!

Rotc teacher. Abt 3 yrs ago. Same girl 9th-12th. Tchr let go. He's lucky he didn't go 2 jail!

girl in my sr class married her hist teachr right after grad! My sis had the same teach latr & said he flirted w/all the girls in class so bad she reprtd hm

high school in 79 male Sophomore hooked up w/female science teacher everyone knew

my husband was deployed and was roommates with a 19 yr old guy who has been with his gf for 4 years. They met in Jr English and she was his teacher.

I messed around with my English teach who was bi with my science teach. I got perfect grades in both classes

new 21 yr old English teacher, my senior yr HS, hooked up with my friend

Graduated in 2003. Jr high teacher was having sex with her son's best friend

my husband grad in 09 and he hooked up with one of his gym teachers many times!

have a friend that was a substitute teacher and got caught giving a HS boy a BJ. She only got probation

I hooked up with a teacher in high school. No sex- but everything else

female softball coach hooking it up with one of her softball 15 year old girls

Photo preview: flickr - sopadenieve

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