TEXT TOPIC: Do you have a spouse that DOESN'T do anything around the house?

my hubby does NOTHING around the house! If I ask him to do something he says, that's why we have kids. So frustrating!

mom-in-law did everything for husband growing up. He never helped w/ anything around the house. Counseling & discussing expectations saved marriage

my bff is 6 mo. prego, her hubby does nothing 2 help her @ home. He even made her put brake fluid n truck. She had 2 call me 2 ask how 2 do it.

my husband is the one who stays home with the kids and i come home almost every day to a disaster, dishes in sink, toys everywhere etc.

husband doesnt do a thing around the house unless I beg him When he finally does the dishes or something its like he wants a trophy

My fianc always says "I'll do it later" but he NEVER DOES IT! And then he complains that I nag him too much

my husband literally does nothing! If there's dishes in the sink or the laundry doesn't get done he'll ask me when I'm going to do it. I work too buddy!

I help run a business while taking care of 2 kids. He's NEVER done laundry and has done dishes once(fight first)

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