TEXT TOPIC: Proud mama moment - What are you most proud of when it comes to your kids?

I'm proud of my son he's 20 and he and 5 others won a lego master builder competition in NY. And his group are going to Germany for another competition

24yo son is master mechanic, married w/4yo son, owns a home

my preschooler reads!!!

for two years my daughter has spent every lunch recess with the special needs kids

my 19yr old son is producing music. Learning all of it all on his own. He is amazing!

my daughter is only 12 and is an amazing artist

My son is two years old and makes me such a proud mommy he's so smart he speaks fluent Spanish and English and is completely potty trained

proud mom of a six-year-old received student of the week for being a kind little boy at school and his friends and teachers

I'm super proud of my son, Austin! He's a roofer & I love to be seen in public w/ him covered in 'work'.

I'm a proud mama. My son just graduated from basic training with the Air Force!

wanna shout out to my 15 year old daughter who has been a diabetic for going on 6 years this year and she has powered thru it, the ups and downs

I'm proud of my son BJ for being an amazing young man with a beautiful heart. He also has the manners of a knight. I love him.

Son placed 1st and received Outstanding Wrestler in the 145lb class this weekend , it was streamed on Ksl. #proudmom

I'm super proud of my toddlers. My 2&3 yr old girls both use "please, thank you, you're welcome, excuse me" With adults AND other kids!!

My 6 year old girl works so hard at dance she got her front ariel and has an amazing tilt! She's so dedicated!!! I adore everything about her (:

bragging my 9th grader will be moving on to college next yr instead of regular high school. Yahoo

my 21 month old is at the level of a 3 year old in speech and abilities

my son didn't talk & behind at 3. He was put in Special Education preschool. This year he scored out of Special Education and only in Speech Therapy at 7.

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