TEXT TOPIC: Did you un-friend or un-follow someone? Did they un-friend or un-follow you?

my little sister un-friended me on fb. She didn't say a word and when I asked, she told me I was a part of her "fb cleanup" and left it at that

a really good friend in person not only un-friended me but blocked me. All because we changed the way we ate to plant based.

Old friend un-friend me last night. He posted slyly about an MLM and I called him out for it. Woke up and he blocked me.

my old boss was fired, I took her place (not my choice) and all her kids (also worked there) un-friended me. (She didn't)??

One of my gay friends un-friended me over politics because I'm not a Hillary supporter. I fully support the LGBTQ community, but can't support her.

had a "friend" un-friend me after I change my Facebook profile picture to rainbow when marriage equality was passed

I got un-friended by someone because I 'Liked' a post that she didn't agree with. Girls can be so catty! Bye Felicia!!

ummm a dead guy un-friended me. Wtf??

Sis in law Blocked & unfollowed me, have no idea why, it's the elephant in the room

My aunts un-friended me on facebook because I am not religious

I unfollow people all the time for being too negative. I have also straight up told an old long time friend I'm done and delete them

recently got divorced and my ex-husband's sister un-friended Facebook because she thinks I turned him gay

my manager un-friended our whole department after she had been talked to by HR for being so rude

Pretty sure I got unfriended because I disagree with her about vaccines causing autism.I think she reported a bunch of my posts about it too.Ugh

Yesterday I noticed my sister in law un-friended me a while ago and I have no clue why!! Wtf ever

mom un-followed me. She edits her fb photos and was angry I wouldn't let her edit my fb pictures of her before I post them.

My aunt un-friended me after I came out of the closet because "You are shoving your lifestyle down my throat"

people tell me all the time they unfriend or un-follow my ex because of her Crusade against porn.

my X GF un-friended me on Facebook after I got married but Friend requested my wife and they're still Facebook friends. It's weird

Coworker/friend un-friended me when I won an award she thought she deserved. Hopefully she's not a coworker for long.

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