TEXT TOPICS: Do you disagree with your spouse when it comes to tipping

my husband and I always fight about tip. He is very tight and I am very generous. We have stopped going to restaurants because it ALWAYS ends in a fight.

I'm more of a realistic tipper. If they do great service, I'll give a good tip but my husband always does more than I think he should. I've worked for my money 

I start at $5 & have them bearn up from that. Hubby starts at 25% of the estimated bill & has them earn up from that

my husband won't tip at all. I do so we won't go out. Take out only

complains about everything and pays only 10% can't go to anywhere 

Hubby loves tipping, i will never give more then 10percent I give me church 10percent why should you get more

Preview photo: flickr - Al

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