TEXT TOPIC: Do you have someone in your life that "phubbs" you? Do you "phubb" people?

I phub my aunt. Whenever she says "you won't believe what happened today" I pull out my phone. #stopthedamncomplaining

UGG it's me I just did it to my mom last night! I suck. I am calling her now to apologize

I do this when I'm talking to somebody that really really bugs me. Trust me it's nicer than anything that might come out of my mouth if I don't ha ha

my friend does this to me all the time so I will just go off and talk nonsense like I'm running off with the king of Mexico or something and she'll agree

my friend will set up dinner dates to catch up, but once we are together she pulls out her phone. I'll start texting her to get off her phone.

on a date. In the middle of dinner he pulled out his phone and started playing a game. Not seeing him again...

My boss is bad at that. It's very annoying. She is the boss & shld know better

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