TEXT TOPIC: Did someone think you were making a mistake and it turned out to be the best thing ever or vice versa?

told moving to Hawaii was a big mistake my family and friends. Best thing I could've ever done

my ex said I'm making a huge mistake marrying my now hubbs after 3 mo of dating. 14 yrs later best decision ever.

Dec 2014 weighed 325 so had weight loss surgery mom thought it was a huge mistake two years later I weigh 165 and love life.

crazy ex girlfriend said I was making huge mistake marrying my wife. Tried everything to help change my mind

I didn't have a good feeling about the guy my bf was dating. I told her and it ended our friendship. She's happily married to him now.

everyone told me not to leave Utah for college. I left, never looked back and it's been the greatest decision of my life

Best friend moved to Portland with no family, job, or place about 6 yrs ago. Visited her this summer. She's happy, in her perfect job, and fits in finally

friends lost jobs, behind on rent, took last $100 & bought lotto tickets, didn't win BIG, but won $25,000. Glad they didn't listen to me.

Photo preview: flickr - Elliot Harmon

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