TEXT TOPIC: Who's the racist in your family?

My dad is the racist one. I got married to a black man at 21 and I'm now 31. I just recently found out my dad had no intention of coming to my wedding

parents immigrated from Asia, and they have illogical racism toward African Americans. We would bring home black friends/dates to freak them out

My mom. She is asian (thai) and she hates every other Asian. It's pretty funny at times

my grandma is racist against Japanese because she was young during Pearl Harbor

my step grandma did not like my husband any time we showed up she would tell my grandpa " lock up the silver the Mexican is here". We stopped coming by

Grandpa is Italian. my husband is black and we have two kids. my husband isn't allowed at family's parties but my kids can come.

my gma, told her I would marry a black man if loved him. Had to write her an apology note

my sisters mother in law is racist. She hates that her son married a white girl. She sends him pictures of black girls to "show him what he's missing."

my grandfather is racist. I'm Hispanic and he is white. I was told this five minutes prior to meeting him when I was 17

my parents. They grew up in Detroit in the 50s and 60s. Whole family is white and I marry an Asian. Rough times

my husband. He says...if you ain't white, you ain't right.

my mom is secretly racist. whenever I mention a friend she hasn't met she always asks me "are they..you know.. black?" in a really suspicious tone.

My aunt! Refused a blk nurse asked for a white nurse! EMBARASSING!

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