TEXT TOPIC: Were you married for a long time and now you are back in the dating scene?

been in the dating world for a year and half after 18&1/2 yrs out. Too many people who just want me in bed. No commitments which I am not into

gotten out of a 5 year relationship & started dating gave this guy my # from plenty of fish & 5 mins in doing the hi how are u's & then out of nowhere d pic

married 17 yrs. single 3. Dating 1. The world reeks of desperation. Point me to the animal shelter to adopt a cat!

i am divorced after 22 years. Im a single dad with full custody trying to get back in the dating game. Its rough i hate it

after 30 years. now dating consist of do you like Star Wars and can we have sex

Preview photo: flickr - Amy Truter

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