TEXT TOPIC: Do you feel like your spouse puts you in the backseat?

I put myself first, my children second, my husband third. My husband hates that! He thinks he should come first

That's my husband. He totally resents me and the kids because he's taken a backseat. And he hates how busy life is because of our kids

ive been a single mom for 8 years. Boyfriend doesnt have kids and feels like hes got backseat cuz hes never had to share attention.

the bond with my 6yr old is all I need. My husband will always be 2nd. I would give her the world if I could.

grew up where the kids weren't a priority so I went to the polar opposite when I had kids. Made my husband feel he didn't matter, almost got divorced

I am, we haven't sex for over 5 years, she treats me like one of the kids until she wants me to make an important decision.

thts why aftr 22 yrs mrge we drvcng. Kids cm 1st. It hurts tkng a bck seat. Commctn is key but he nvr sn my pnt. I cheated. Lkng 4wd 2 mvng on.

my soon to be ex husband put not only his son, but his ex wife before me. He valued his relationship with her above ours and told me so. Divorce pending.

my mom was 100% us until the kids moved out. Now they have fallen back in love with each other and couldn't be happier

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