TEXT TOPIC: Did you have tough love growing up?

I was a door slammer. Dad said, One more time & its gone. SLAM

my daughter went into a cell store and bought a new phone on my account and I am making her make the payments for it

I got sick of telling my kids to pick up their toys so I threw them all away and made them earn money to buy more

shot my brother in the eye with a nerf dart. Mom smashed my gun with a hammer while I cried.

tough love- parents let me know if I didn't follow the rules then "don't let the door hit you on the way out" I turned my attitude around quick

I just had to sell my son's playstation4. He is 19 and he did not have the money to give to me that I loaned him. But he had money for stuff

I've thrown away my kids legos too....they didn't learn the lesson to pick up toys. Jerks!

my dad said if I didn't clean my room he would sell my furniture. I didn't clean it and came home to no furniture and a sleeping bag on my floor

my husband made our son throw away his 3 favorite toys! For not picking up after himself. Iron man, toy gun and journal!

My son & I were at a carnival & he wanted a toy. I told him to pick 1. He wanted 2. I had him put them both back and he got none.

called my dad to bail me out. And he said you got what you deserve and he didn't me out

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