TEXT TOPIC: When did your joke fall flat?

this topic reminds me of a modern family clip of Jay/Gloria taking a birthing class & making jokes like offering to switch their doll with the black couple

my cousin set off the metal detector at Salt Lake Airport I said that's what you get for bringing your 45 I got escorted out of the airport

when I was in 3rd grade, I thought I was funny and stole my moms check book and wrote out checks to my friends for like thousands of dollars..

I was quoting a skit by Daniel Tosh about abortion. My grandma heard and thought I had one. She didn't speak to me for almost a year.

back in high school I put my arm around a girl in the hallway and asked her if she wanted a screw. She full on slapped me in the face

hubby thought it would be funny to tell our birthing instructor things were great if I would just lay off the alcohol and cigarettes

talking with a coworker about her wanting a new tat on her foot. I said "get a camel on your big toe!" Didn't realize my really religious supervisor heard me

To ease the mood when taking a polygraph for a gov job I asked"Am I telling the truth so far?"He said "Only liars ask that."I didn't get the job

Preview Photo: Flickr - Joselito Tagarao

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